The Marketingspecialists in the heart of Bielefeld


Professional Marketing for Your company

CroCoMa Consulting is a marketing agency in Bielefeld. We assist companies with all marketing issues by creating custom marketing strategies, providing comprehensive support, and suggesting  appropriate marketing tools.
In February 2018, we expanded our domestic business focus to include the Australian business, tourism, and education markets. We support the growing interest of European and German travelers, students, and businesses in Australia, and we foster exchanges between Germany, Europe, and Australia.

Give a king what he wants • give a partner what he needs

For us, the customer is not king ...

... but rather a partner whom we support. Among other things, this means that we only recommend what you really need. We take an open-ended approach to every challenge and bring an outsider’s perspective to your needs. Independence is our top priority in our entire workflow. Thus, we can look at each company quite objectively and independently and develop ideas for individual and sometimes unusual marketing strategies by taking a creative, open approach. These strategies are built on a foundation of marketing tools that promise structured workflows and high quality.


Business areas of CroCoMa Consulting

In order to be able to advise our customers individually, we offer a number of different business areas.


"Advertising is the art of aiming at the head and hitting the wallet; communication is the art of aiming at the heard and hitting the head."

(Vance Packard, American publicist)