Expansion Consulting and Sales


Your Company in the International Market

Once a company has established itself in its local market, it may wish to explore markets in other countries as well. But even if you have a successful marketing and communication strategy in your own country, that does not mean that the same strategy will work internationally. Sometimes, completely different communicative approaches are needed. Furthermore, laws and regulations differ in different countries.

We will support your expansion, help you work out an individual expansion strategy, and introduce you to the rules and regulations of your new market. We work with you to tailor your marketing strategy to the market without losing sight of the essence of your business.


Market Development without Opening New Locations

For those who want to distribute their products without opening new business locations in Europe or Australia, we offer extensive sales support.

We develop a marketing and sales concept that is individually tailored to your products and the markets of the respective country. We help you find the right retailers for your products, both online and offline. We will put you in contact with the right retailers, introduce them to your products, and negotiate sales procedures as well as costs, prices, and profit margins.


Expansion to Australia

Although the Australian market is quite small, the country offers many opportunities for companies who want to expand their business. At the same time, the Australian market presents challenges for expanding companies that are not familiar with local requirements and regulations. We work closely with our Australian partners and actively support you with market development and the establishment of an Australian subsidiary or a branch Down Under.

Expansion to Europe

The business location EU is a delightful consideration for many Australian companies. It should be noted that the markets can vary greatly from country to country. We support you in the market development and the establishment of a subsidiary or branch in Germany.

Expansion within Europe

Different countries, different customs – and different market conditions. It goes without saying that we also support companies wishing to expand within the EU. We help you enter markets in new countries and successfully establish a subsidiary or branch in the new location.