Marketing for craft businesses


Plenty of Work – No Success

Your order books are so full that it’s hard to manage all the work. In fact, you need more staff, but the search for qualified professionals and talented trainees is difficult. Many young people prefer to study or do business training instead of learning a trade. This is also because they have never experienced this kind of work and have the wrong impression of it. Many trade-based businesses have also neglected their own public image.
We work with you and look closely at your company, its structures, and its presentation. We make your company attractive for trainees and potential employees. The applicants should see and understand what makes your trade and especially your company exciting and unique – that is our goal. And until that happens, we’ll optimize your operation so that you can get the most out of it, but still breathe.

Securing Future Prospects

A full schedule, plenty of appointments: If your business is going well, that’s no reason to rest on your laurels. On the contrary, successful times are just the right time to do something for your image. That’s because a good presentation has a lasting effect. When demand for workers in your trade decreases, your brand will stay in your customers’ minds, giving your business an edge on the market. A strategy designed for your company, combined with streamlined operations, will simplify your business in the next generation.  
Successor the start and support the success of your company in the

We look closely at your trade business and help you organize more effectively so you have room to breathe. We teach you the basics of marketing and work with you to develop an individual marketing and communication strategy that you then implement with our support.