Marketing is Your Constant Companion


Without Marketing Department

You want to tackle marketing for a long time, but you lack the time, the resources and the know-how? We give you a basic understanding of what marketing is, why every business automatically makes marketing, and what good and thoughtful marketing can do. We take a close look at your company and develop an individual marketing and communication strategy.

We are happy to assist you with the implementation of the developed marketing and communication strategy. Together with you, we will look at how you have implemented the planned measures, provide tips, answer questions and discuss how to proceed with you.

If you like, we are also happy to take over the complete implementation of the marketing measures as external marketing managers. We work together with experts from all relevant marketing areas and coordinate the individual measures so that the strategy is implemented consistently.

With Marketing Department

Entrepreneurs and long-term employees of a company know their business inside out. Often, this kind of routine and level of experience are positive things. But sometimes an outsider can perceive things that those inside the company no longer recognize or take for granted, and a new perspective can suggest new ideas with an energy that brings a breath of fresh air into your company.
We look at every detail of your company from the outside and examine everything related to marketing under a magnifying glass. We work with you and your own marketing experts to develop a strategy that is individually tailored to  your company’s needs. We start with where you currently are. As we consider existing elements and work in collaboration with the marketing department, we may develop a new strategy or adapt existing marketing and communication strategies and add new ideas.
Team spirit is at the forefront of our strategy development and the development of a catalog of marketing activities. This kind of brainstorming effectively mixes experience with new, creative ideas and at the same time reinforces your employees’ identification with your company.