Marketing for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs


The entrepreneurs of tomorrow?

Starting your own business is an adventure; it’s filled with opportunities but also presents new, unexpected challenges. Often, these challenges arise in areas outside your realm of experience – whether they involve figuring out how to finance a project or how you can position your new brand on the market using the right marketing and communications tools.
We take you by the hand and accompany you as you take the first steps into self-employment, from a raw idea to a “finished” company. As marketing architects, we work with you and with experts from other areas to develop your business and marketing plan and prepare you for the all-important discussions with the bank. We also have contacts at various banks who can advise you about loan options, and we would be happy to accompany you to your appointment. We also continue to help you after you’ve taken those first steps towards becoming an entrepreneur.


Our “starter communication package”

# Corporate design development
# Logo design
# Designing business cards, flyers, and stationery
# Printing 1000 business cards, 1000 flyers and 1000 pages of stationery
# Homepage development
# Corporate films
# Marketing training

We also provide seminars and coachings on topics related to start-ups and marketing. At these events, you can learn the basics and get tips about getting your company on the right path and effectively bringing your product and your brand to the market.

We offer individual terms and specially sponsored marketing packages for ideas we believe are particularly good and worthy of promotion.