Cool and sexy – with a concept


Employer branding is currently a big issue that affects certain industries in particular. But it is not only in these industries that businesses must compete in the daily casting show for “super employers” – every company has to do something to take care of existing employees and to ensure interest from qualified applicants. Therefore, we have worked with a strong network partner to develop “COOL AND SEXY – WITH A CONCEPT.”

A company is like a clock; for it to run perfectly and effectively,
all the gears must work together. Processes must be well organized, the pricing policy must be well thought out, sales and communication channels must fit the product, and the public image must be consistent and memorable. An important piece of this structure is the employees, because they are the heart of every company. They shape the company’s external impact, contributing significantly to customer satisfaction and thus to the company’s success. And this is just as true for companies seeking new workers and potential employees and trainees. Today, qualified applicants can choose their company; the reverse is no longer true. That’s why, in addition to marketing to customers, companies need to look for appropriate employees and apprentices and tailor their marketing efforts to find and retain the right employees.
We help you optimize your external presentation and internal communication.

Potential applicants will learn about your company, and your employees will feel that they are in good hands.
Your business becomes more attractive, and qualified entry-level employees will be motivated to become part of your team.



But what do young people and experienced professionals look for when choosing an employer? What makes a company attractive to applicants? Again, many factors play into this. Career opportunities and financial prospects are not the only things that count. Training opportunities, benefits, and emotional satisfaction at the workplace are equally important, just to name a few factors. Employees want to feel good at their workplace and to identify with their company. This helps create strong, trusting relationships among colleagues and employers and strengthens internal and external offers such as joint events.
A company’s most important first impression is its homepage. But potential candidates also learn about companies through other channels, such as social and traditional media. Therefore, an attractive and well-thought-out public image is an important factor in attracting interest to your company and your profession.

In order to make your company attractive to new employees and trainees, we will take a close look at your company with you in a moderated workshop. We do not just consider your perspective on the company, because an outsider’s perception of the company and its image is just as important. We talk to your employees to find out what they value in their workplace and what they think needs improvement.
We identify your ideal employee and that employee’s ideal employer. We then seek to find the largest possible intersection of these two concepts. Based on this, we work with you to develop ways to attract potential employees to your company and spark their interest.