Marketing Workshop


Our Marketing Workshop for your company

Our marketing workshop lets you and your team face your company’s challenges together and then find solutions to them.
This builds team spirit, brings teams closer together, and helps your employees identify more strongly with your company.
In the moderated workshop, we address the following points with you and your team:

General Marketing
We teach you the basics of marketing and explain how marketing differs from advertising.

Target Development and Milestones
Together, we identify short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.

Define Target Groups
We give suggestions for correctly defining target groups
and define some target groups for your products.

Build and Use Distribution Channels
How can I distribute my product in the market? Where can I reach my target groups?

Plan and Implement Promotional Activities on a Budget
Advertising does not have to be expensive. With some small adjustments,
our plans can also be designed for a small budget.

Develop a Catalog of Marketing Activities
Which tools do I need?
We summarize what we’ve developed in the workshop and give you a
catalog of marketing activities with concrete recommendations for next steps.

We are also happy to develop an individual workshop for you and your company. Just contact us!