Cultural exchange



We are currently building unique partnerships between Germany and Western Australia to develop cultural, business, and tourism opportunities. In Western Australia, we are supported by the West Australian European Business Association (WAEBA). On our side, we represent the WAEBA Twinning Outreach Program of Western Australia – TOPWA – in Germany and the EU.

The WAEBA TOPWA Program identifies potential partnership candidates based on established criteria and facilitates the development of a partnership project. Candidates may include, but are not limited to, European states, regions, districts, cities, rivers, ports, beaches, and festivals that desire twinning status and active engagement with appropriate Western Australian partners.

The WAEBA TOPWA Program offers individually designed professional marketing and trade support services. TOPWA promotes the candidates’ mutual partnership goals and the pursuit of common values, themes, and opportunities through an exchange portal that includes culture, tourism, and business.

The WAEBA TOPWA Program is supported by the State Government of Western Australia and the European Union Delegation in Australia as part of a broader tourism and trade agenda.

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The West Australian European Business Association is proudly supported by the EU Delegeation of Australia

Image Support

Every country has to struggle against prejudices and stereotypical ideas. Thus, many people imagine Australia as a giant desert teeming with venomous animals, while Germany is often associated with Lederhosen and Oktoberfest. These ways of thinking indicate misperceptions about each country and shape a country’s international image, even if these stereotypes completely fail to represent the country as a whole. Especially for European–Australian relationships, we believe intercultural exchange is necessary to reduce prejudice and to gradually shift the countries’ images in a different direction.